What Personal Qualities Would You Need to Become a Chemical Engineer?

A chemical engineering degree is required, but there are several personal traits that are ideal for the profession. Chemical engineers employ mathematics, physics, and chemistry to develop methods for transforming chemicals into consumer and business items. Professionals in chemical engineering firms generally operate in company labs and process settings. 

Deep Analytical Ability 

Engineers, like other scientists, are typically analytical. Chemical engineers have even more analytical characteristics than other engineers because of the multidisciplinary nature of combining both chemistry and engineering. The bulk of a chemical engineer’s job description involves analyzing processes and designing unit operations and systems. The objective is to reach a marketable product or solution during trial-and-error testing. 

The production development typically takes time, and it must be analyzed for errors, mistakes, and issues. Chemical Engineers must also examine the components of a formula to look for any potential side effects, runaway reactions, or issues. 

Orientation to Teammates 

Chemical engineers must have collaboration abilities in order to work on difficult development issues, according to the Philippine Institute of Chemical Engineers. Chemical Engineers must communicate effectively with other personnel during chemical plant operations and laboratory/equipment tests. A successful engineer must also be a good listener and able to communicate effectively with their team. They should also be able to write thorough reports that will help the company turn a chemistry project into a marketable product. 

Ingenuity and Innovation 

Without creativity, chemical engineering skills are rendered useless, especially for those working in product development. Engineers not only need to understand the elements and results of combining chemicals but how that chemistry can create products people will find useful. 

A chemical engineer’s ability to develop products gives them more value than someone who can only blindly follow directions and work with existing formulas. To create innovative products, a chemical engineer must think outside the box of typical chemicals and processes to come up with new methods. 

Focus on Safety 

Chemical engineers, on the other hand, must maintain a safe and healthy workplace by focusing on safety and paying attention to the hazards in their work environment. Chemicals have been known to react unexpectedly from time to time. 

It’s critical to use the right safety equipment, as well as follow the protocols developed by chemical engineers to avoid burns, injuries, or eye damage. If spills occur or chemicals leach into the water supply, chemicals can also cause environmental harm. Having a broad foresight on the health and safety of the work environment is an essential skill for a chemical engineer since lives are dependent on their preparedness to avoid or resolve hazardous situations. 

There are obviously several more skills needed to become a total chemical engineer, but mastering these skill sets will jumpstart your career as you specialize in the most promising career you have chosen. 

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