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Batch May 2024

Engr. Miguel S. Bungalon 
Top 1, University of the Philippines - Los Baños
Online Reviewee

“It was a great experience. Even if I was just enrolled in the online refresher and coaching program, it still felt like I was inside a classroom with my classmates. The instructors were very patient and encouraging. . . . They [the instructors] narrowed down the scope of what topics I needed to study which is very helpful considering that the ChE board exam is composed of many subjects. Also, the instructors were very patient.”

Engr. Jhilsean Brix Nimrod G. Olmedo
Top 6, Eastern Visayas State University
Online reviewee

“I consider myself as an ordinary student in college. Not thinking that I can really ace this board exam in one take. But enrolling in ARC was one of the best choices that I had ever done in this whole review journey. Most importantly, one line stuck to my head during my board exam that was from Engr. Delfin, non-verbatim, “madali lang yan na question, wag kayong matatakot, relax and you can answer it easily.” After that, I was really astounded that I could answer questions that my College self couldn’t. Thank you ARC, most especially sir Regz and sir Delfin. I couldn’t have done this without your help. Thank you for always believing in me even though I doubted myself at some point.”

Engr. Angela M. Visaya
Bicol University
In-Person Reviewee

Engr. Justine Paul A. Tumaliuan
Cagayan State University - Carig
In-Person Reviewee

“ARC is highly recommended. Hindi ko makakalimutan yung review journey ko dahil balanced yung offer nila. It’s not just pure review but those moments na nagkukuwento yung mga lecturers, sobrang nakaka motivate talaga sila. Thank you ARC.

Aside from the lectures itself, na very detailed, maiintindihan mo talaga kahit anong subject. I really like how they encourage and motivate their reviewees. Those tips, advice and motivational quotes they give is one that I really find valuable. They [the instructors] encourage us to do better. They really help us in everything. Yung patience. I love it. Ang gagaling nila lahat magturo. Salute po.”

Engr. Lyka Jhen B. Gacilan
Mariano Marcos State University
In-Person Reviewee

Engr. Hannah Therese C. Eranzo
University of Santo Tomas
Online Reviewee

Engr. Jan Paolo M. Maceren
Mapúa Malayan Colleges Laguna
Online Reviewee

Batch October 2023

“Very very grateful that I chose ARC. Everyone is so kind, understanding, and supportive. I feel that no one is really prepared for whatever happens in the board exam but ARC equips its reviewees with the right tools to figure their way through unexpected turns in the exam. The review, refresher, and coaching really challenges you more than enough that when the board exam comes you’ll have the confidence to take it.”

Engr. Jude Nathan T. Montallana 
Top 2, University of the Philippines - Diliman
In-Person Reviewee

“Very good experience with relearning all the subjects; tips and tricks are very helpful and helped me refresh a lot of concepts in undergrad. Review is very comprehensive and helped me cover all bases for topics, and online quizzes were very helpful to challenge time limit. The length of the review program is just right and helps students start ahead. “

Engr. Jose Gabriel H. Escorial
Top 8, University of the Philippines - Diliman
In-Person Reviewee, Online

“Based from my experience with ARC, I believe that the review center provides everything that a chemical engineering graduate will need to pass the licensure exams. I enjoyed the quality and delivery of the lectures given as well as the tips and words of wisdom provided throughout the review. I really appreciate that ARC isn’t too strict with the availability of lecture recordings, handouts, and exams unlike other review centers. I am overall thankful for the experience and would recommend the review center to my other batchmates to take the exam this May. “

Engr. Alec Noah R. Marchadesch 
Top 9, Adamson University
In-Person Reviewee

“ARC really was a big help for me in preparing for the board exam. I had a good grasp of the topics that may be included in the exam. The lecturers were very supportive, from the lectures to the preparation of the students in all aspects. “

Engr. Justin Robert L. Tolentino
Top 9, University of Santo Tomas
In-Person Reviewee

Batch May 2023

“The review center exposes the students to various kinds of scenarios so that they will be flexible to answer any kinds of questions. Equally important are the tips provided during the review, which are exactly what is needed during the actual board exam. The presentations used during the lecture are very organized hence they are easy to follow.”

Engr. Christian Jay P. Balboa
Top 1, De La Salle University
In-Person Reviewee

“ARC provides more than enough review materials that you can study anytime. They also conduct regular exams that are on par with board’s questions. And on top of that, they provide answers with solutions and alternative shortcuts.

Lastly, and most importantly for me, ARC has highly competent teachers who explain the topics well and are responsive to questions. With those reasons, I encourage you all to enroll in ARC.”

Engr. Ian Jason P. Ebio
Top 3, University of the Philippines - Diliman
In-Person Reviewee

“The overall experience is very good! Sobrang helpful ng mga ChE modules, calculator techniques, and even tips para masagutan yung mga concepts.”

Engr. Neil John F. Catapang
Top 4, University of the Philippines - Los Baños
In-Person Reviewee

“Speaking from somebody who relied mostly from the provided review materials even before the results came out, I was so confident that I would pass the board exams. Almost all the topics covered in the board exams were discussed thoroughly and carefully during regular review and during the refresher sessions. The 8th place that I got was just a cherry on top. So, I like to thank ARC once again for being an invaluable partner with my journey to become a licensed chemical engineer. Thank you guys!”

"Engr. Sean Elijah J. Tiu
Top 8, De La Salle University
In-Person Reviewee, Online

“ARC provided optimized solution workflows, tips, and tricks that were necessary to solve even the most complex Board Exam problems under time constraints, without neglecting the working theories. They also redirected everyone’s focus on the concepts that truly mattered, and the instructors were able to provide alternative solutions, enabling you to pick your own style of solving. Their syllabus was also designed to force you to develop a good study habit, even if you were not the most hardworking student during undergrad (I wasn’t!). Unfortunately, a few sentences can’t perfectly encompass the whole experience – it’s really something every chemical engineering graduate should see for themselves.”

Engr. Jean Roven N. Gentolea
Top 10, University of the Philippines - Diliman
In-Person Reviewee

Batch October 2022

“I owe a huge part of this achievement to ARC and its lecturers for equipping us with the right tools and mindset to face the licensure exam with confidence. Every review session at ARC is bursting with insightful knowledge and tips that surely helped me during the board exam.”

Engr. Jerome Ignatius T. Garces 
De La Salle University
Top 1, October 2022 Batch

“The array of lectures, quizzes, and exams they provided have helped me re-master my chemical engineering knowledge, and they tirelessly pump out new, relevant content for the Boards. Thanks to ARC’s trust and support, I finished Top 5 in the Boards!”

Engr. Joshua Therell S. Cuesta
University of the Philippines - Diliman
Top 5, October 2022 Batch

“I like ARC as they have the correct balance of theory and questions. I like that the review schedule started early as it maintains the momentum of studying (finalizing the degree and studying for the board examination). The lecturers were very good in the subjects that they taught, especially in providing techniques for answering. All in all, ARC has been instrumental for my performance.”

Engr. Denver R. Pascua
University of Santo Tomas
Top 7, October 2022 Batch

Batch May 2022

“Sabi nga naming magkakaibigan, binuhay tayo ng ARC sa board exam. Thank you for being very thorough in discussing the whole scope of the board. Thank you rin po for the nuggets of wisdom and encouragement na binibigay niyo kada lecture.”

Engr. Shania Angel Montesa
Technological Institute of the Philippines
Top 2, May 2022 Batch

“ARC really equipped me with what I needed to pass the board exam with flying colors. Before enrolling in the review, I felt overwhelmed by the coverage and the difficulty of the boards and I had no idea where to start. But ARC offered a very comprehensive and well-structured review program that really helped me revisit the pertinent topics from the ChE curriculum.”

Engr. Sabrina Nicole Blanco
University of the Philippines Diliman
Top 9, May 2022 Batch

“Sobrang daling maintindihan ng lectures dito sa ARC. Lahat ng practice questions dinidiscuss nila. Ang nakatulong din sakin during board exam ay ang foundations na madaling kong naintindihan dahil sa lecturers ng ARC. Ang dami pa nilang tips and motivations na nakatulong sakin during the board exam.”

Engr. Kimberly D. Vergara
Batangas State University
May 2022 Batch

“The fully online modules were surprisingly effective as all lecturers pushed the extra effort to remain available at any time for any question. The importance of understanding and not memorizing certain topics were made clear and we were helped in understanding by heart.”

Engr. Laudimer Tye Tan
University of Santo Tomas
May 2022 Batch

Batch October 2021

“For me, my choice of choosing ARC as my review center can’t be any better. The lecturers are all experts, there are lots of materials to practice on, and they actively seek ways to help students pass the board exams. It was definitely a great experience learning at ARC.”

Engr. Jeffrey Palcone
Adamson University
Top 2, October 2021 Batch

“It takes a good strategy to ace the ChELE, and ARC equipped me with that. Aside from the lecturers being adept in imparting knowledge, they also encourage us to bring out the best in us and keep going.”

Engr. Ana Rose Obillo
Cagayan State University
October 2021 Batch

“From what I’ve heard from other students in other review centers, ARC really did adapt the best to a fully online review. With live and recorded sessions, and even an on-the-go quiz app, they really do give students all the resources they need, no matter what their schedule.”

Engr. Ysabel Rain Montalbo
Saint Louis University
October 2021 Batch

Batch 2019

“The teachers, the classes, the lectures, the modernity, all of it are so much well designed that I can certainly say this is the best review center in the Philippines! Me and my classmates all became engineers, thanks to ARC! ”

Engr. Hyacinth Mae Cortex
November 2019 Batch
University of Mindanao

“I was scared on enrolling because I might not learn in their online classes. But I was really wrong! With ARCtech learning, I could engage more with the instructors, and I can replay lectures if I missed it. The new online lessons is fun fun fun! ”

Engr. Alvin Martin
Online Reviewee
University of San Carlos

“It was super exciting all throughout the review! And they have the awesome ARC App, I could literally review anywhere and anytime in a fun and engaging way. I’m definitely hooked!”

Engr. Janna Liwanag
November 2019 Batch
Mapua University

“The customer service is uncanny. They really reply if you have questions, even if it is 2am! This review center truly supports you in all the way possible, kahit anong questions sasagutin nila anytime, with solutions pa! Thanks ARC.”

Engr. Journel Supremo
November 2019 Batch
Technological Institute of the Philippines

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