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(Online) Regular Review for May 2024 ChELE


Review Program:

Duration: (Approx. 4 months)
Regular review starts on November 28, 2023
Regular Schedule: TTHS, 8 AM-12 PM.
Note: If required, an additional review session may be held beyond the usual timetable.

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Day 1

Physical, and, Chemical, Principles, Inorganic, Chemistry, Analytical, Chemistry, Organic, Chemistry, Biochemical, Engineering, Physical, Chemistry, and, Environmental, Engineering

Day 2

Chemical, Engineering, Principles, Chemical, Engineering, Calculations, Chemical, Engineering, Thermodynamics, Transport, Processes, Flow, of, Fluids, Heat, and, Mass, Transfer, Separation, Processes, Particulate, Technology, Chemical, Reaction, Engineering, Chemical, Process, Industries, Instrumentation, and, Process, Control, Equipment, Design, and, Plant, Design

Day 3

General, Engineering, Mathematics, (Algebra, Plane, &, Spherical, Trigonometry, Plane, and, Solid, Geometry, Analytical, Geometry, Differential, Calculus, Integral, Calculus, Differential, Equations), Probability, and, Statistics, Engineering, Economy, Physics, Engineering, Mechanics, Strength, of, Materials, Calculator, Techniques, and, ChE, Laws, Ethics, and, Contracts


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