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(In-Person) Triple Package Review for May 2023 ChELE – S1


Review Schedule: MWF 8 AM – 12 NN

For installment Plan:
Reservation – until December 5, 2022
1st installment – December 16, 2022
2nd installment – January 27, 2023

The note “payable in 2 days” is to make the payment links available early on.

Availability: Out of stock


Physical, and, Chemical, Principles, Inorganic, Chemistry, Analytical, Chemistry, Organic, Chemistry, Biochemical, Engineering, Physical, Chemistry, and, Environmental, Engineering


Chemical, Engineering, Principles, Chemical, Engineering, Calculations, Chemical, Engineering, Thermodynamics, Transport, Processes, Flow, of, Fluids, Heat, and, Mass, Transfer, Separation, Processes, Particulate, Technology, Chemical, Reaction, Engineering, Chemical, Process, Industries, Instrumentation, and, Process, Control, Equipment, Design, and, Plant, Design


General, Engineering, Mathematics, (Algebra, Plane, &, Spherical, Trigonometry, Plane, and, Solid, Geometry, Analytical, Geometry, Differential, Calculus, Integral, Calculus, Differential, Equations), Probability, and, Statistics, Engineering, Economy, Physics, Engineering, Mechanics, Strength, of, Materials, Calculator, Techniques, and, ChE, Laws, Ethics, and, Contracts


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